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massage mask
massage mask
Woman bath bomb
Woman bath bomb
Tubble Aroma Diffuser

Self-Care Simplified

Indulge in a little self-care and soothing after a long day with our range relaxing products

Our Tubble, winner of these international design prices
Our Tubble Royale, winner of these international design prices
C-IDEA Design Award

The portable, inflatable bathtub solution

Relaxing in your very own inflatable bathtub. This is now finally possible, even if you have a small bathroom.

The solution is Tubble! A flexible, inflatable bathtub that fits in many bathrooms and in which both adults and children can enjoy a nice warm bath.

Tubble can be inflated in just two minutes with the provided electric pump and you will be able to enjoy relaxing moments in the bath in no time. Simply in your own bathroom. Or even in your garden or on your balcony, because setting up Tubble outside is no problem at all. You even have the option to take it with you on holiday.

A comfortable and portable bathtub

This inflatable bath is made out of extra-thick 6-layered PVC and is provided with a super soft bubbled bottom.

Because of that, it’s even more comfortable than a regular bath. This means it’s also ideal if you suffer from muscle aches. And you get all of this for just a mere fraction of the amount you would spend on a ‘hard’ bath. The Tubble is fitted with an inflatable headrest and cup holder, which enables you to relax 100% for as long as you wish.

All done bathing? Thanks to its ingenious drainage system and the provided drainage tube the inflatable bath drains all the water quickly and evenly. Afterwards you can easily store the bath until you are in the mood for another relaxing portable bath session.

There is something in the air...

Our sleek air purifiers are here to help.

Air purifier turn on
Air purifier turn on

Breath clean and fresh air

Our powerful air purifiers will clean your air in no time. The Tubble® Air Purifiers are able to filter 99.97% of all the particles in the air with the True HEPA H13 filter.

Monitor the air via the app and make sure to breathe healthy and fresh air with no effort.

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Air purifier turn on

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