Become a Tubble Retailer

We are always looking for passionate retailers who are interested in selling our inovative line of Tubbles.

To be eligible for a retailer account you must at least meet the following conditions*:

    • Having a brick shop or an online store**, but no online platforms such as Etsy, Dawanda, Noth, etc.
    • Being registered with the Chamber of Commerce plus having a valid VAT number.
    • A brick shop / online store in the middle or high segment that offers a similar product as Tubble: Bath accessories, cosmetics or a lifestyle that hold an inspiring look and aim at giving all the bath lover a more convenient and accessible way of enjoying a luxurious bath without the extra hassle.
    • A website, Facebook page and / or Instagram account so that it is clear to us what the store looks like including the product and accessories.
    • Having accepted our Terms & Conditions, you can send us an email with your request to


    • After the account has been activated, we expect to receive the first order within one month. To keep the store locator up-to-date, we expect at least one order per quarter
    • The first order must be at least € 500.

If you meet all of the aforementioned conditions as a retailer, we look forward to an account request. The request can be sent to our email: Our Sales department will review the account request upon receipt and will respond within 3 business days. Remember to send us a small description of your store, the products that you’re selling and the aim that you’re pursuing.


Can I send a request if my store / online store is not yet open?

This is only possible if you can provide us with information about your new store (photos of the store, information about the assortment). If you do not have any information (yet), we ask you to request an account as soon as the store is open or when you have more information available to us.

Can I still request an account if it has been rejected earlier?

To make a new account request you have to wait 3 months unless otherwise discussed with our sales department.

Where can I find information about prices and what is the minimum order quantity?

Prices and order information is only shared with Tubble retailers. As soon as your account as a retailer is activated you will receive this information from our Sales department. As stated in the above conditions, the first order must be at least € 500.