How long does it take before the Tubble is inflated?

With the supplied electric pump, inflating the bath takes one minute. Yes: just one minute.

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How do I drain the water afterwards?

Before you fill the bath you have already connected the drain hose to the bottom of the bath. Pull the built-in stop from the bath and let the water flow away easily in your shower drain.

Note: the shower drain must not be located too high (in a raised shower base, for example), because the water will not be able to drain properly. If your drainage channel is higher, there is the option to purchase an aquarium pump with a drainage hose.

Is the bath resistant to bath salt/bath oil?

Fortunately, you can use all your delicious bath salts (including Epsom salt), bath oils, bath foam or bath bombs in the Tubble. Just rinse the bath afterwards with clean water.

Is the bath resistant to low and/or high temperatures?

The bath is suitable for bathwater up to 113°F. It is also possible to take an ice bath if that’s your thing.

Does the bath (and the pump) comply with European regulations?

Of course. The bath is made of high-quality PVC that complies with European (environmental) legislation. The electric pump has a CE quality mark.

I have a very small bathroom, will the Tubble fit?

The numbers tell the tale. The Tubble is flexible and fits in most bathrooms, but not in every bathroom. In case of doubt, we advise you to measure the space in your bathroom prior to ordering.

The Tubble Royale has the following dimensions: 158 cm (l) * 78 cm (b) * 54 cm (h) (at the headrest, at the foot end it is 44cm high).

The bath is flexible, so it will also fit in a 10% smaller space of approx. 143 cm (l) * 71 cm (b). Of course, you’ll then have a little less interior space in the bath.

Can I also use the bath outdoors, for example in the garden?

Yes. The bath is made of extra-thick PVC and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. But do not let the Tubble stand in the sun for too long and make sure that there are no sharp things close by.

Will two people fit in the Tubble?

Two, not too big, adults fit into the Tubble. It will not be very spacious, of course, but certainly possible. And ‘gezellig’ as they say in The Netherlands (described as cozy).

How long does the bath last?

After several years the PVC will gradually become less strong, because of which the bath will possibly not inflate as well. How quickly this happens naturally depends on how often you make use of the bath. Every Tubble comes with a full 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

How to find and repair a leak?

If you suspect there is a leak on your Tubble, first make sure that the air valves are completely sealed. Once your Tubble is fully filled with air, create a soapy solution (with water and dish soap or bath foam) and spray it all around the Tubble with a spray-bottle, look for the formation of new bubbles as they represent where the leak is found. Start by checking the valves, if you see bubbles forming around the valves, please make sure they are fully closed.

Leaks in PVC can be repaired with the repair-kit, consequently, place your Tubble on a clean surface. Apply glue over the leak (too much glue will often interfere with a proper repair).  Allow the glue to become tacky for some minutes, and then place patch firmly on the damaged area. Use a weight to apply about 5kg of pressure for 24 hours. After the patch has dried, apply glue around the edges for a complete seal and let dry for 6 hours. Now you can safely use your Tubble again.

You can also view the following video to help you through the process.

How do I put the Tubble away after using it?

This is fairly simple: due to the large air valves, it deflates within 1 minute. If you have used bath salts or bath oils etc., first rinse the bath with clean water. Then dry the bath, for example with a towel. Roll up or fold the bath and store it in the supplied storage bag. When it’s folded, the bath is about as big as a filled shopping bag. In other words, you can easily store it under your bed or in a closet.

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Which countries do you ship to? And what does shipping cost?

Shipping usually takes 2 to 5 business days. You will receive a track and trace code as soon as your package has been handed to the delivery staff.

Free shipping (> € 80,-) to:
The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Greece: € 18,- shipping costs
Switzerland and Norway: € 30,- shipping costs

Buyers from non-EU countries are responsible for any VAT and/or other local taxes.

All non-EU buyers receive a 21% VAT discount on the listing price.

Return shipment is for your own account.

We do not ship to Canada yet. However, we hope to be able to have the bath lovers over there Tubbling soon as well.

How did the idea of Tubble come about?

Tubble is Dutch, just like his inventor Arnoud. At times he would have loved to take a bath. But he didn’t have one in his little Amsterdam bathroom. A renovation would be expensive and would mean that he would have to shower in his bath. Both not ideal. Then he got the idea for Tubble.

After developing the first Tubble design, the model has been tested, improved, tested some more, further improved, to the model you see here. Tubble, the flexible and inflatable bath, is now available in 20 countries and offers the luxury experience of a bath for a small price.

Arnoud has now made it his mission to make a relaxing bathing moment for everyone within arm’s reach.

So you can enjoy your Tubble, wherever and whenever you want!

How can I pay?

You can pay via:
• Ideal
• PayPal
• Mastercard, VISA, American Express
• Money transfer (The order will be sent as soon as the amount is on our account. Delivery can therefore take a little longer than with other payment methods.)

All payment methods are free.