Bathtub basic

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Our Basic bathtub is quite similar to the Tubble Royale. It’s soft, easy to use and fits in many bathrooms. Same size and same thickness PVC. But it’s a bit more ‘basic’:

  • No auto inflator (so you have to inflate the two air compartments separately with the air pump, will take about 2 minutes)
  • Color is blue shiny (instead of mat taupe)
  • Black air pump (instead of white)
  • Zipper is more basic and in color white
  • No storage bag
  • Integrated headrest and cup holder
  • Ready to use within 2 minutes.
  • Closable top for heat retention of bathwater
  • Withstands bath salts, bath oil, bath foam and other nice bath items
  • Suitable for water temperatures of up to 113°F and ice baths
  • Supplied with user manual, electric air pump and drain hose of 120 cm
  • Outer dimensions: 158cm (l) * 78cm (w) * 48cm – 54cm (h) w/o – w headrest
  • Inner dimensions: 132cm (l) * 55cm (w) * 44cm – 54cm (h) w/o – w headrest
  • The bath is flexible, so it will also fit in a 10% smaller space of approx. 143 cm (l) * 71 cm (b). You’ll then also have a little less space inside the bath
  • Weight approx. 5.5 kg, without being filled with water
  • Contents approx. 255 liters
  • Made of high quality 6-layer 0.4 mm PVC that complies with European environmental legislation
  • Includes 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects


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  • Delivery within 2-4 business days
  • You will receive a track and trace code
  • Packaging format: 44 x 38 x 17 cm
  • Weight 6.5 kg
  • 60-day money-back guarantee