Why Tubble?

Easy to set up

The Tubble can be set up in just one minute with the included electric pump. Then you fill it up as you would with any other bath. So you can enjoy a relaxing bath session in no time.


The Tubble has a soft bottom, similar to a yoga mat. This makes it even more comfortable than a normal bath. A headrest and cup holder are integrated in the design to ensure you have a 100% relaxation time, as long as you like.

Fits in most bathrooms

Do you not have a fixed bath, but you do like taking one? The Tubble is a flexible and inflatable bath that can fit in almost any bathroom. Without an expensive or complicated renovation.

The inflatable bathtub solution

Relax in your own bathtub.
Finally possible, even in a small bathroom.

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Bathing. Anywhere.

We are in a hurry, meet deadlines and want to stay fit. We study, work hard and party late into the night. Occasionally we have to breathe, relax. And one thing is certain: we best end busy days with a warm bath. With an inflatable bathtub from Tubble that is possible anytime and anywhere. In the bathroom. Or just on your balcony.

If others say so, it must be true