What iF? Tubble reaches the final stage of the iF Design Award

Mesmerized and happy to share the news!

Tubble has been selected to be a finalist to the iF Design Award, an international product design competition. Attracting numerous annual participants, the iF Design Award is an arbiter of quality design that celebrates worldwide innovation.

The competitive 2021 edition has received approximately 10’000 applications from over 52 different countries. An international panel of 91 design experts was summoned to judge each product and select only half of the total number of entries to get past the preliminary stage.

Product Design Finalist

The Tubble was assessed against five criteria: idea generation, form, functionality, differentiation, and impact. In the process of evaluation, the iF Design jury sought to understand the relevance of the Tubble idea and its manner of engagement with its target group. The assessment also focused on the product’s ease of use and point of differentiation that separates it from alternatives in the market. With its innovative approach, social impact, and patented functionality, Tubble made it through to the next stage of the competition.

International Recognition

Tubble’s iF Design nomination fills our hearts with joy and gratitude. This nomination is an acknowledgment of the hard work and constant improvements that have been invested into Tubble. But most importantly, a reflection of its impact and importance to society.

Needless to say, we’re beyond grateful. Celebrate with us and spread the word!

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