The idea

The Tubble story
Tubble is Dutch, as is its founder, Arnoud. Like most of the Dutch nation, he’s passionate about finding ways to create better living situations using water.

The Tubble bath is a small part of this thinking. Once a banker working the daily grind at Deutsche bank. The idea came to him while he soaked away work-stresses in a bath (of course). He wanted to find a way to enable more people to bath when, and most importantly where, they could. With the Tubble he now brings this inflatable and portable bath to more people every day, month and year.

Tubble design
After the initial Tubble design, the model has been tested and refined, tested and refined, until the model you see here today. Yes, this is the most tip-top Tubble ever.

Affordable price tag
Tubble, the inflatable, moveable bath time, is already available in 10 countries and is simply the luxurious experience of a bath, at a down to earth (affordable) price.

Enjoy your bathtime!

Kind regards,
Founder of Tubble