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Our Story

Tubble is Dutch, just like its founder, Arnoud. It all started in his tiny Amsterdam appartment. Arnoud loves taking baths but his little bathroom didn’t allow it. A renovation would have been too expensive, that’s when he got the idea to invent the inflatable bathtub, Tubble.

Now available in over 20 countries. Tubble offers the luxury experience you didn’t know you wanted. It’s all about self-love and slow-caring. With the bathtub model designed, tested and improved to perfection for everyone to enjoy even if you have a tiny bathroom.

We are not lifestyle coaches, nor fitness gurus. We are just people who are oke with indulging in things we want unapologetically.

Man and Woman in a Tubble
Hot water

So you can enjoy
your Tubble,
wherever and
whenever you want!


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