Tubble flexible and inflatable bath

Tubble anywhere
Limited space is no trouble with a Tubble—it’s an inflatable, moveable, bath time, engineered to replace the need for a hard bath. Apart from fitting in your bathroom, this bathtub has been designed to be completely portable, pack it up and take it outside with you, to your holiday home, to a friend’s place—anywhere is possible, simply use your imagination!

About the Tubble
Tubble is proudly Dutch, making use of a long history of world-famous water engineering. This bath has been engineered for your comfort and for complete flexibility within your home.

Made out of extra thick 6-layered PVC, it has a soft, air-filled bottom which makes it comfortable during use.

Extra touches like the ergonomic headrest and a handy cup holder ensures you can read, savour a refreshing drink, or simply soak away muscle pain for as long as you like.

There’s even a zip up cover to keep the water temperature warmer for longer.

Why Tubble?
One of the highlights of an inflatable, moveable, bath time, apart from the low cost compared to a conventional ‘hard’ bath, is that after your bath it can be deflated. This means easy-storage for those small spaces until you decide to Tubble again.
Also, we got great customer reviews. And the design blog Joelix just gave us headsup!

60 day money-back-guarantee
Free shipping to most EU countries
 3 to 4 days deliverytime

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“I moved into a small flat with only a shower and was so happy to find this bath option, I thought I wouldn’t be able to have baths any more. I love it!”

– Christina, Manchester (UK)